So, what really is effective leadership? Ever since the word first entered the English language a couple of centuries ago a whole industry has emerged that will claim to answer that question for you.

There are undoubtedly characteristics which great leaders have in common, and the reality is that the type of leadership required will depend on the environment and the culture.

We are much more enlightened in the corporate world now, and understand that it's less about 'command and control' and more about 'ask and inspire'.

It is also true that all of us can be leaders, whether we work alone or in a team.

We can help you with your leadership and coaching goals with a network of qualified associates across North America.

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader"

- John Quincy Adams

E​executive coaching

Coaching has  become recognized as an effective process to help individuals and teams develop their skills and talents, to reach their goals, to manage change, and to achieve better results.

Much research has been done that consistently validates the effectiveness of having an external coach work with leaders and teams in order to reach specific goals and improve productivity.

We believe that effective coaching starts with a clear understanding of the culture and challenges facing an organization or an individual. There is no 'off the shelf' packaged solution. Every situation is unique, just like every individual is unique. 

We are happy to have an exploratory conversation to see how we might be able to assist you with your particular objectives.